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To Pay an invoice by Credit Card

Easiest way is to just PayPal Jim-




Or Venmo @magical1

To use a credit card
Copy and Paste the following into an email, Filling in the needed details.
When Paying by credit card we do ask for payment in full prior to event.



Jensen Entertainment Inc.

PO Box 72065

Roselle Illinois 60172 -630-351-1500

Please email or fax back sign copy to: or 630-206-2339 (fax)



Jensen Entertainment Inc. Credit Card Authorization Form

Credit Card Account Authorization


Issuing Bank_____________________    Telephone #______________________


Credit Card Type Visa/MasterCard  Account Number: _______________________                         

Expiration Date: __________________


Security Code: ____________________


Invoice Number #         ________________


Cardholders Billing Name & Address              

Name __________________________              






Statement of Authorization


The purposes of this statement, is to authorize Jensen Entertainment Inc. (also state forward as "the merchant") to process credit card transactions from the above stated applicant.  These Transactions will be processed via phone orders.


I/we have read and agree to be bound by the Terms, Conditions, & and cancellation Rules in the Jensen Entertainment Inc. Sales contract & Invoice.  I/we will not request a charge back through my/our credit card without first obtaining authorization from Jensen Entertainment.  In addition, by signing this document I/we am/are accepting all responsibility for these transactions to ensure full and proper payment to the merchant.

Total Amount To Be Charged $__________ (You can make a 50% deposit payment to lock in date
but when paying by credit card payment in full is required 7 days before event date please.)

Cardholder acknowledges the amount shown above and agrees to perform the obligation set forth in the Cardholder's agreement with the issuer.


________________________          _____________________      ____/___/___
Name (type or print clearly)            Authorized Signature                  Date







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