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Outdoor Movie nights!!
(We do have very nice Indoor systems also!)
Perfect Social Distanced Entertainment
Corporate events-Park Districts-Country Clubs-Schools!


18 foot and 24 1/2 foot screens for Outdoor movies
Deluxe 15 foot screen for indoor Performances.


Our Professional 24 foot diagonal picture, inflated screen.  400 watt 4-speaker sound system.  4000 lumen projector.  DVD digital movie player.   Perfect for any large audience of up to 500 guests.

Add Our FM radio transmitter so guests can get the audio from their car for 75.00 additional




This 18 1/2  foot diagonal inflated screen is perfect for any audience up to 200 guests. 200 watt 2- speaker sound system.  DVD player.    Front projection system with a  3500 lumen projector.





All of our systems come with an attendant on duty at all times.


The Outdoor Systems can not be run in extreme windy conditions, winds of over 20-25 mph might delay set up.


These can not be run in the rain or wet conditions.


Client must provide the movie and is responsible for any royalty fees that might be applied.
(We are equipment rental only)


These systems do require a 20 amp electric outlet with in 25' of movie screen.



Outdoor Movie Policies

For us to block out a date and pass on other events, we must charge a $400.00-booking fee.  This fee locks in the movie night gear and staff. This fee must be paid in advance to block out the date. If the weather reports look bad, and you need to cancel your movie night event, all you must do is let us know at least 24 hours before the event start time.  No other monies will be due or owed.  If you wait to cancel with in that 24-hour window, then payment in full is owed. The 400.00 booking fee is a non-refundable fee to lock in all the required equipment and your staff of 2 attendants.  We need some kind of guarantee for them to block out the dates.

Ratings & Formats
We do have a company policy of projecting family friendly movies only, please limit your movie choices to movies with "G" or "PG" rating only.  If you are planning an all adult event and want a different rating of Movie please call and discuss the details with us.

Film Licensing

Normally, viewing within the confines of your property is legal without any licensing as long as no fees are charged for the viewing. For more particulars, however, contact any of the above services.


Licensing fees will vary due to movie titles, audience size and the nature of the event. It is advisable to contact one of these licensing agencies as soon as your event date is confirmed. The film licensing company may provide a copy of the movie to use at the event.


Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.
Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. founded in 1937, is the major non-theatrical movie distribution 
and public performance licensing agent in venues where feature movies are shown publicly.
201 S. Jefferson Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63103-2579
Phone: 1-800-876-5577


Movie Licensing USA
Movie Licensing USA provides one-time and annual Public Performance Site Licenses so that schools 
(kindergarten through 12th grade) can show movies legally for non-teaching activities.
201 South Jefferson Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63103-2579 
Phone: 1-877-321-1300

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