Our Professional Santa Performers are available for meet and greet and Personized visits with your guests or club members!  Please call for information on our
Many Real beard Santas and our professional Santa Performers!




Santa will gather all the information needed ahead of time to make this 10 minute Zoom meeting truly Magical!  Talk to the kids, answer questions, read a story, we will customize the visit to your kids.  The kids will be amazed at how much Santa Knows about them, what they got last year, their pets names and so much more!  These are truly amazing and personized visits that you would never get at a mall or large event.

We are now sold out for 2020-  dates are open for 2021 now!!

Most Recent Review:
This was amazing and even better than seeing Santa in person as it was personalized! My boys were amazed at how much Santa knew about us- like our dog’s name, and what he brought us for Christmas last year! Santa had them amazed, smiling and laughing. Thank you for bringing some magical cheer to our season!

Brad and Nate visit 2020.jpg


Santa Video Message and Photo Packages

These customized and personalized Video Messages are honestly the best option, as you can choose when to play or present them, you can share them, and they are the absolute best Keepsakes!  

Santa will know what he brought them last year, their likes and dislikes, and all the necessary information to make these the most believable Santa experience.

Please feel free to email me with questions, or specific times you need these.

We also ask you send us a picture of your kids, standing in front of a solid color wall, backdrop (sheet blanket etc...) Preferable Green or blue.  We will use our green screen technology to create amazing Pictures of your kids with the same Santa from your Santa Video message! The edited photo will be used in the video, and for 10.00 additional we can send you the digital version
of the picture and three 4x6 prints.

This is a sample of the picture, this Santa was not in the picture, but we used our technology to edit him in and add the fun background scene.

Santa Guy2.jpg
Santa Gregg.jpg
Al and Rita.jpeg
Santa Tom.jpg
Santa Dave G..jpg